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What is a Healthcare Proxy?

Loved One Passing Away

For a loved one who is aging, or in poor health, a healthcare proxy can be an important thing. That being said, it’s also somewhat confusing, and not everyone knows what it means, or what a healthcare proxy does. We will try to explain all of that and more, as we delve into what a healthcare proxy is, why they are named, and how you can handle it. 


What is Elder Law?


What is elder law? And how does it impact you? Those are important questions, especially as we age. With our longer life expectancy, elder law is a somewhat new area of the law, and exists to serve the needs of the elderly and disabled, along with their families. Elder law covers a wide-range of issues, both legal and financial. 


Ways to Protect Yourself from the Cost of Nursing Home Care

Woman in Assisted Living

The reality of aging is a part of life, and, as unpleasant as it may be, it may lead to needing long-term care before we die. 

Whether it’s care for a specific cognitive illness, like Alzheimer’s disease, or any number of physical ailments that leave us unable to care for ourselves, going into a nursing home care requires us to examine a host of issues. Long-term care last from 2.5 years for women to 1.5 years for men, on average. Nearly 14 percent of people who enter a nursing home will be there for five years or longer.


Why Use an Elder Law Attorney to Help You Qualify for Medicaid


Applying for Medicaid can be a confusing. While an elder law lawyer is an important resource for those applying, many don’t utilize them. However, an attorney experienced in elder law can help you save money in the long-term and ensure that you and/or your loved ones are receiving the best care possible. Of course, there are many reasons to consult The Mattar Firm if you’re considering applying for Medicaid. Here are some of them.


Why You Need a Long-Term Care Strategy

Long-Term Care

Long-term care strategy helps those who cannot take care of themselves for long and short periods. These services help you live independently and safely as possible when you cannot perform daily activities such as dressing, eating, bathing and continence on your own.

Long term care is provided in a number of places by a number of caregivers, based on your personal needs. Most long term care arrangements in America are home-based and are offered by unpaid family members. It can also be given at a nursing home and in the community, such as in an Adult Day Care Center.


When is the Appropriate Time to Seek Legal Advice for my Parent if They are Going into Assisted Living?


Assisted living is a unique type of housing facility made for elderly persons or those requiring medical care and help with their daily activities. People with physical or mental illness also find skilled nurses in these facilities to help them with bathing, dressing, taking medication, using the toilet, and performing other tasks. It is crucial to involve an attorney for legal advice when your parent is going to the Assisted Living. Therefore, you should know when it is appropriate to seek legal advice concerning this. Provision of elder care is quite expensive hence;


Exempt Assets in Port Charlotte Medicaid Planning


As you age, you may need skilled nursing care or personal assistance to help you live safely and maintain your wellbeing. That said, the rules governing whether you qualify for Medicaid may seem complicated and hard to understand. To determine your Medicaid eligibility, your total assets will be evaluated. While others will be countable, some of them will be deemed exempt as they will not be used to determine your eligibility.


Common Medicaid Myths


Access to quality health care is one of the fundamental human needs. In a society where there are differences in economic classes, low-income earners have limited access to medical services, since healthcare providers expend care services at a cost. To include individuals in the low-class in quality health care plans, the government created the Medicaid Program in 1965.



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