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How to Find a Marco Island Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning encompasses planning for how your assets will be conserved, distributed, and managed after your demise. It also considers, managing your property and finances if you are incapacitated. Most people think that estate planning is meant for elderly people with a significant amount of finances, however, this is not true as estate planning serves to protect the assets and finances of all individual’s regardless of age, and amount of finances. Some of the assets that could make up an estate include; cars, houses, pensions, stocks, life insurance, paintings, and debt. Therefore, you need a Marco Island Estate Planning Lawyer to oversee the arrangement, planning and preparation of your estate and offer legal counsel as well regarding the same.


Florida’s New Personal Needs Allowance

Recently, Florida increased the personal Medicaid needs and allowances for Institutional Care. Initially, the payment was $105.00 per month. After the increase, the total allowance became $130.00 per month. The increment meant that individuals will be receiving more updated institutional care and Medicaid benefits.


Some Ways to Pay for the Nursing Home

A part of retirement is that most retirees end up in nursing homes. Living in the comfort of your own home is what you may desire as you age, but unfortunately, chronic ailments may make it difficult for you to live independently without seeking daily assistance. Therefore, nursing homes become the best option even though they are expensive. Without proper financial planning, you may not be able to afford to live in your own home or nursing home. Below are some ways to pay for nursing homes.


My Spouse Refuses to Get Medicaid. What are my Options?

If you are here, you have probably heard of government-subsidized health care but it can be difficult to distinguish between the various federally funded programs. So what is Medicaid? Created in 1965 alongside Medicare, Medicaid was part of Lyndon Johnson’s Great Society program. Since then, Medicaid has become an integral part of the American life.

Medicaid is a federal-state program that helps pay long term medical and custodial care costs.


Spousal Rights in Florida

Couples always promise to support their spouse in both sickness and health, but the obligation never stops at that. Once married, there are certain responsibilities and rights that they have that single persons do not possess. Marriage brings both legal and financial benefits, along with duties. In most cases, marital responsibilities and rights will go on even the marriage ends- either through divorce or death. In Florida, the surviving spouse is entitled to receive rights and benefits from the deceased spouse.


Exempt Assests in Bonita Springs Medicaid Planning

Medicaid is a program that offers healthcare coverage to almost 60 million people who are unable to pay for medical care services. These are US citizens or any eligible immigrant with low income. It targets senior citizens with 65 years of age and above as long as they are eligible for the program and covers all the required medical services inclusive of custodial care or skilled nursing care.


How Long to Keep Financial Documents for Estate Planning

Estate planning is the methodical way of organizing personal affairs and financial matters to ensure that the future possibility of certain death and mental incapacity is taken care of. Your initial estate plan includes either four or five vital estate planning documents that are legal depending on the family’s current situation and its financial situation. Apart from all these important documents, your state laws may dictate the different estate planning documents created. Therefore, an estate planning attorney may guide you with all the preparation of the estate planning documents needed in the situation.


14 Reasons You Need to Update Your North Fort Myers will

Estate planning documents like wills do not expire but may become out-of-date and obsolete if they aren’t reviewed regularly. Even though you may have not experienced significant changes in your life recently, your North Fort Myers estate planning attorney recommends going over your will every year to guarantee the will still reflects accurate instructions regarding your estate.



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