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Why You Need a Long-Term Care Strategy

Long-Term Care

Long-term care strategy helps those who cannot take care of themselves for long and short periods. These services help you live independently and safely as possible when you cannot perform daily activities such as dressing, eating, bathing and continence on your own.

Long term care is provided in a number of places by a number of caregivers, based on your personal needs. Most long term care arrangements in America are home-based and are offered by unpaid family members. It can also be given at a nursing home and in the community, such as in an Adult Day Care Center.


What is the Definition of Estate Planning?

Estate Planning

The chances are that you are probably not spending too much time thinking about estate planning. You may be in your prime, but sorting your affairs now may be helpful because you never know when you will leave this world. There are many benefits of estate planning, including saving your family from difficult decisions and getting your property to loved ones quickly. Below, we take a look at the basics of estate planning.


How to Leave Assets to Minor Children

Minor Children

Most parents plan for their children to be taken care of in the event of their demise. However, providing and taking care of a child includes more than just picking a guardian to raise him/her in case of the parent’s death or incapacitation. It also involves outlining what happens to the finances and property as well as who manages them before the children are of age to take over.


These Mistakes can Damage your Naples Estate

Estate Planning

Most people believe estate planning is as simple as will writing, the fact is that it is much more complicated. Such misapprehensions in executing estate planning frequently lead to mistakes that may end up damaging your Naples Estate. Errors made may affect your financial stability as well as the relationship with your family. Here are a few mistakes that can damage your Naples Estate.


When is the Appropriate Time to Seek Legal Advice for my Parent if They are Going into Assisted Living?


Assisted living is a unique type of housing facility made for elderly persons or those requiring medical care and help with their daily activities. People with physical or mental illness also find skilled nurses in these facilities to help them with bathing, dressing, taking medication, using the toilet, and performing other tasks. It is crucial to involve an attorney for legal advice when your parent is going to the Assisted Living. Therefore, you should know when it is appropriate to seek legal advice concerning this. Provision of elder care is quite expensive hence;


Exempt Assets in Port Charlotte Medicaid Planning


As you age, you may need skilled nursing care or personal assistance to help you live safely and maintain your wellbeing. That said, the rules governing whether you qualify for Medicaid may seem complicated and hard to understand. To determine your Medicaid eligibility, your total assets will be evaluated. While others will be countable, some of them will be deemed exempt as they will not be used to determine your eligibility.


What to Do When A Loved One Passes Away

Loved One Passing Away

Most people face a hard time closing out a loved one’s life after their demise. The trauma and sorrow accompanying the loss of a loved one may be too overwhelming for you to attend to the necessary tasks to do when a loved one passes away. Giving proper tribute, making funeral arrangements, carrying out last wishes, dealing with his/her estates, closing his/her bank accounts, are just but a few of the tasks that may require your attention. However, to cope with the pain and all these responsibilities, try not to handle everything alone, you can cut yourself some slack by dividing responsibilities with your family members, or trusted friends. It is also possible to hire the services of an outside party such as an attorney to help through any legal process if finances allow.


Estate Planning Tips for Your Retirement

Retirement Plan

A common misconception about estate planning is that it only concerns events that take place after death, such as the distribution of assets to the correct beneficiaries, and following the wishes of the deceased in terms of what happens to their estate.



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