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Elder Law

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Medical science is a wonderful thing. Thanks to the ongoing research being done into slowing the aging process, people are living longer and staying active much later in life. One of the downfalls to living longer is that, at some point, most people need the help of an assisted living facility to survive. They are no longer able to care for themselves and need 24-hour medical surveillance and treatment to enjoy a decent quality of life. Medications these days are allowing people with certain types of conditions to live for many years, but those people need help to make it through the average day.

People are living longer and it has made it necessary for law firms to offer elder law services. People need to not only have contingency plans in place for unexpected life events, but they also need to learn to protect their assets from entities such as Medicaid and creditors as they get older. It takes an experienced law firm to offer those kinds of elder law services, and the Mattar Firm is proud to say that we are well-versed in the elder law field.

What Is Elder Law?

The area of elder law is made up of a variety of law practices that focus on asset protection and the Medicaid application process. At the Mattar Firm, our knowledge in certain areas of practice makes us skilled in elder law. Those areas include:

  • Non-crisis Medicaid Planning
  • Crisis Medicaid Planning
  • Long-Term Care Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Asset Protection

We analyze your situation and then determine which tools would best help in your situation. The goal of elder law is to protect your assets during the Medicaid application process while still allowing you to receive Medicaid benefits as quickly as possible. Without the proper type of elder law program in place, your family could wind up being responsible for some of your assisted living costs, and you could have your assets liquidated to help Medicaid to pay for your care.

When Do I Start Elder Law Planning?

Each time you leave your home, you are heading out into a great unknown. You have your plans for the day, but you never know what can happen. Elder law planning is not necessarily reserved for your older years. It is a legal protection plan that can protect your assets if a sudden event causes you to have to be put into an assisted living facility right away. This is why you should start your elder law planning while you are still relatively young and vibrant.

The simple fact is that if you do not currently have an elder law plan in place, then now is a good time to contact one of our attorneys and make an appointment. Many of the tools we use can shield your assets from unexpected lawsuits that can occur for many reasons. If you get into a car accident and your insurance coverage limits do not pay for all of the damages, then you can expect a lawsuit. If your assets are not protected before the lawsuit hits, then it is going to be too late to protect them. Now is the time to get into the offices of the Mattar Firm and start putting your elder law plan together.

What Does An Elder Law Plan Do For Me?

The cost to live in an assisted living facility is expensive. In the state of Florida, the average cost of a standard assisted living arrangement is $37,800.00 per year. At the same time, the median household income in Florida is $50,860.00 per year. Just by looking at the numbers, it is easy to see why every person should have a plan in place to help with Medicaid planning and protecting their assets.

Your elder law plan from the Mattar Firm would help you to understand the Medicaid application process and give you good advice on how to maximize your Medicaid benefits. The Medicaid application process is extremely complicated and there are rules you need to understand in advance to prevent you and your family from making mistakes that could affect your eligibility. The professionals at the Mattar Firm are ready to be the legal team that makes sure that you get the most from Medicaid without incurring costly Medicaid penalties.

Medicaid is very interested in your assets and what you have been doing with them for the five years prior to your application. The Mattar Firm uses all of its experience and legal tools to shield your assets from Medicaid. We can make sure that the home you want to pass down to your children is still in your family’s possession after you have entered into an assisted living facility. We will also ensure that your liquid assets and investments remain in your possession after you enter assisted living so that those assets can be used and distributed as you want them to be.

Why Should I Call The Mattar Firm?

The Mattar Firm has years of experience in the many aspects of elder law. Our caring and compassionate attorneys want what is best for you and your family. We want to be the legal team you trust for making these very important plans, and we have the tools available to put together custom plan that meets your needs.

We are going to put in the time it takes to create a comprehensive and effective elder law plan. We do not take your information and throw it into a template that may or may not suit your needs. We bring all of our legal resources to the table and make sure that the plan you get is the exact plan you need.

Just because it is called elder law does not mean that you can put off calling us to put your plan together. Do not wait any longer on contacting our asset protection attorneys about this very important subject. The Mattar Firm is ready to be the legal team that looks after your personal financial and Medicaid planning needs, and we are ready to help you and your family to maximize your Medicaid benefits while protecting the assets you have spent a lifetime accumulating.


We are dedicated to making a difference in your life and that of your family.


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