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Medicaid Crisis Planning

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Most people do not realize what happens when you decide that it is time for you or a loved one to enter into an assisted living situation. While the expectation would be that you choose a facility that meets your needs and then fill out some paperwork to move in sounds simple enough, the reality is that the process is extremely complicated. It costs the average Florida family just under $40,000.00 per year to pay for basic assisted living services, and there is nothing in place that guarantees that those services will be paid for by public money.

What Is Medicaid Crisis Planning?

A Medicaid crisis situation occurs when you or a loved one are either already in assisted living and need to apply for Medicaid, or are planning on entering assisted living soon. Many of the decisions you have already made could significantly affect your Medicaid application. It can be extremely difficult for the average person to understand and navigate the very complicated Medicaid application process.

In order to avoid many of the pitfalls that come with the Medicaid application process and admission to an assisted living facility, the best choice is to let the professionals at the Mattar Firm handle your situation. A Medicaid crisis can occur when you have improperly filled out the paperwork and put your approval date off for months, or if you have transferred assets in a manner that can delay approval by years. We have professionals that can handle those types of crisis situations and make sure that your Medicaid application goes through as smoothly as possible.

The Hurdles To Medicaid Approval

As your Medicaid crisis planning attorney, we will point out all of the hurdles to Medicaid approval to you and help you to prevent them. For example, there are some assets you can transfer just prior to applying for Medicaid and others you cannot. If you try to transfer your house into your child’s name before you apply, Medicaid will usually look at that as an asset that could be used to pay for your care and cause a five-year delay on your application approval.

There are also many laws governing Medicaid eligibility that can be extremely complicated and difficult to understand. Most people hire an accountant to do their taxes because the tax laws are extremely complicated. It is for that same reason that people should also hire a seasoned law firm to help fill out their Medicaid application in a crisis situation.

What We Do As Your Medicaid Crisis Planning Attorney

In order to help you, we need to understand your situation completely. We need to see records of all of your assets and any major transactions you have made in recent months. Medicaid has a five-year look-back rule that considers any major transaction in the past 60 months fair game. If Medicaid decides that the $10,000.00 gift you gave your child four years ago affects your current financial situation, then that could delay your Medicaid approval.

It is also important for us to understand your current financial situation and to find out if you have any alternative ways of paying for your assisted living services. Many people pay for long-term care insurance for years at their job and never even realize it. These can be the pleasant types of surprises that we can sometimes discover when we do our due diligence during Medicaid crisis planning.

These first steps of the process are extremely important because they help us to understand exactly what you have to work with, and to discover any potential problems with your Medicaid application. The situation can be very urgent if you or a loved one is already in assisted living and your family does not have the resources on hand to pay for the care. The last thing a family wants is to have a loved one who needs assisted living services removed from a facility for lack of payment. We work very hard to help prevent that from happening, and we also try to find resources that may be available to help pay for assisted living services.

Protecting Your Assets

The five-year look-back rule is often an intimidating concept to families applying to Medicaid, but we can often help ease the tension during those types of situation. As a seasoned Medicaid planning law firm, we are well-versed in all of the ins and outs associated with the Medicaid application process. We use that knowledge to do everything we can to protect your assets from being liquidated and taken by Medicaid.

The issue with asset protection is that many people do not consider it a priority until they start to understand the rules surrounding the Medicaid application process. We always recommend that you contact our office as soon as possible regarding your Medicaid crisis planning situation to give us as much time as possible to put together an asset protection plan. You should also avoid doing anything with your assets until we have had the chance to look over your situation. As we have mentioned previously, one wrong move could mean a significant financial setback for your family.

When you or a loved one are starting out in an assisted living facility or on the verge of making the move, you need to contact one of our Medicaid crisis planning attorneys immediately. There is a lot involved in the Medicaid application process and you do not want to make a wrong move that could cost your family tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A Naples asset protection lawyer is ready to answer your questions and help you get your Medicaid planning done the right way. But there is no time to wait to make that call. The clock starts ticking when you are in a facility or on the verge of applying to one. The sooner you contact our legal team for help, the sooner we can help you sort out the entire situation.


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