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The Difference Between Medicare and Medicaid

Medicaid vs Medicare

Over the years, many people have incorrectly used the terms Medicare and Medicaid interchangeably to the point where there is a lot of confusion among the public. Medicare and Medicaid are two completely different public health insurance options, and it is important to understand their basic differences if you intend to use each service properly.


Naples Elder Law Lawyer Explores Medicaid Penalties

Elder Couple with Lawyer

There is a lot for a Medicaid applicant to understand when it comes to applying for Medicaid benefits. One of the more significant topics to understand is Medicaid penalties and how they can affect your ability to qualify for Medicaid. If you do your Medicaid application planning well in advance, then the penalties are not quite as intimidating. But if you waited until it was time for you or your loved one to transfer to assisted living to submit your application, then you could be looking at penalties.


Will a Gift to Charity Affect My Medicaid Application?


As you start to transition your life to an assisted living facility, you will need to get the Medicaid application process started. It is important to understand that the Medicaid application process is complicated and can take a long time. It is not something you should try to do without the help of an experienced legal professional. There can be a lot of different things that affect your Medicaid application and your ability to get the benefits when you need them.


Can I Move to Another State and Qualify for Medicaid There?

Elderly Couple Moving

Life changes for everyone; even people who are residents in assisted living facilities. A change in your family might mean that you want to move to a different state to be closer to loved ones. The problem is that you are not sure if you can just transfer your Medicaid benefits from your current state to a new one. By understanding how Medicaid is structured and administered, you can find out if you can move to a new state and keep your Medicaid benefits.


Who Pays for the Nursing Home While Waiting for Medicaid Approval?

Assisted Living

After every attempt has been made to allow your elderly loved one to live in their own home, it is time to transition them into an assisted living facility. You will need to apply to Medicaid to get the funding you need to pay for assisted living, and that could be a problem if you have given no thought to paying for assisted living in the past. The decisions you have made in previous years could come back as you try to determine who pays for the nursing home while the Medicaid application is being considered.


North Fort Myers Elder Law Lawyer Explores Medicaid Penalties

Elder Couple with Lawyer

When a North Fort Myers resident is getting ready to transition into assisted living, they will inevitably start the Medicaid application process. Before you get involved in that Medicaid application process, you should hire an experienced elder law attorney to help with the many potential Medicaid penalties you could be facing.


Does Medicaid Cover a Second Nursing Home

Why the Need for a Second Nursing Home?

Assisted Living 3

Not every assisted living facility is considered equal. In most cases, different facilities are equipped to handle different types of residents. A facility that is able to handle residents with physical disabilities is not necessarily going to be able to offer quality care for people with mental challenges. If your loved one’s condition changes or they are afflicted with another condition that contradicts the abilities of the facility they are living in, then they might need to move.


Bonita Springs Medicaid Planning Checklist

Medicaid Checklist

Medicaid planning is not something that starts the moment you decide that you or a loved one need to go into an assisted living facility. It is a process that should start years before that. It should include regular updates to reflect changes in your life. The residents of Bonita Springs have some very comfortable assisted living facilities to choose from. Every Bonita Springs resident needs to utilize a Medicaid planning checklist. This will make sure they get the assisted living facility of their choice.



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