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Does Medicaid Cover a Second Nursing Home

Why the Need for a Second Nursing Home?

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Not every assisted living facility is considered equal. In most cases, different facilities are equipped to handle different types of residents. A facility that is able to handle residents with physical disabilities is not necessarily going to be able to offer quality care for people with mental challenges. If your loved one’s condition changes or they are afflicted with another condition that contradicts the abilities of the facility they are living in, then they might need to move.

Assisted living facilities are businesses and, as with any business, there is no guarantee they will be in business when the sun comes up each morning. Business issues might cause residents to have to move, or financial changes on behalf of the resident might force the family to move their loved one to a less costly facility.

Will Medicaid Pay for a Second Nursing Home?

Once your loved one has been approved for Medicaid, they remain approved indefinitely or until Medicaid decides to terminate their eligibility. Your loved one can live in any assisted living facility that has beds set aside for Medicaid patients, which is a large percentage of the facilities in any given state.

The fact that Medicaid pays a flat rate to every facility in Florida is good for your loved one because that means that your loved one’s income has no bearing on whether or not they can be accepted into a new facility. An increase or decrease in your loved one’s income should have no bearing on whether or not they can be accepted into a place that is better suited for their care.

If the facility your loved one wants to move into has an available bed and your loved one’s Medicaid is intact, then Medicaid will pay the monthly fees for the new facility. There is paperwork involved with the change, but the elder law lawyers at The Mattar Firm can help with that.

Moving a loved one to a different assisted living facility is a complicated process. The Mattar Firm has plenty of experienced and caring elder law attorneys who are ready to help you understand what you are up against, and help you to file the paperwork you need to file to get your loved one into a better living situation.


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