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Why Use an Elder Law Attorney to Help You Qualify for Medicaid


Applying for Medicaid can be a confusing. While an elder law lawyer is an important resource for those applying, many don’t utilize them. However, an attorney experienced in elder law can help you save money in the long-term and ensure that you and/or your loved ones are receiving the best care possible. Of course, there are many reasons to consult The Mattar Firm if you’re considering applying for Medicaid. Here are some of them.

If you are in a position to apply for Medicaid, it is resources may be available from a medical provider or a nursing home. However, there are some things to consider. It may be in the preparer’s best interest to have the applicant pay privately before Medicaid is approved. On the other hand, it is likely important for the applicant to preserve their financial resources for any number of reasons. An elder law attorney, like those at The Mattar Firm, will do their best to achieve their client’s goals throughout the application process. 

Nursing homes can cost thousands of dollars per month. It’s unlikely that the cost of retaining an elder law attorney would equal just one month of a nursing home stay. An elder law attorney may consult with a client to see what’s possible before larger fees are involved. It’s also possible to save thousands of dollars in long-term care and probate costs by retaining an elder law attorney. 

An elder law attorney also brings deep knowledge and experience to the process. They work on Medicaid cases on a daily basis and have a breadth of knowledge that goes beyond what a facility can offer. They are experts, and can help their clients achieve their goals throughout the process, whether it’s saving money for their grandchildren, or staying home, instead of moving into a nursing home or assisted living facility. 

Consulting with an elder law attorney is no guarantee that the goals you start out with will be met during the Medicaid application process. What it can provide, however, is the peace of mind that you’ve done everything in your power to see what your options are. It also means that if problems should arise during the process, the attorney will be at your side to help you through it. 

While an elder law attorney has a deep understanding of the Medicaid process, they also understand secondary concerns and issues that go along with Medicaid. The Mattar Firm offers an array of expertise on related topics and can guide clients down the best path possible.

At the end of the day, an elder law attorney is also accountable to their clients through malpractice insurance. Medicaid specialists or preparers are not. If an attorney makes a mistake, while unlikely, there is recourse to address the issue for the client. Despite this, The Mattar Firm makes it their job to do things right the first time and not make mistakes. They do not learn at the client’s expense and know the subject well. There is no replacement for experience when it comes to long-term care planning, and elder law attorneys pride themselves on knowing the process inside and out.  

For many seniors, applying for Medicaid is a must, as they consider long-term care. That could mean paying for a nursing home or care in the home. An elder law attorney is situated to help you make sound decisions during the process and achieve your planning goals. 

At The Mattar Firm, our experienced elder law attorneys can guide you through the Medicaid process. Contact us now at 239-222-2222.


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