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Exempt Assets in Naples Medicaid Planning


Florida Medicaid laws regarding exemptions is over 50 pages long and contains complex guidelines governing a wide variety of assets. For senior residents of Naples, Medicaid planning is vital to ensuring most, if not all, their medical treatments and nursing home care are paid for without being forced to give up assets.

Examples of Medicaid exemptions include:

Joint Ownership of Bank Accounts

Individuals who are joint account holders with unrestricted access to account funds are presumed by Medicaid to own the funds. If you claim bank account funds belong to another individual, that person must submit evidence they own those funds. Only then can you exempt joint bank accounts from your Medicaid application.

Establishing Home Ownership

Primary residences are typically exempt from Medicaid asset provisions. Medicaid considers someone the true owner of a home if the person or their spouse’s name is on a current tax bill, assessment notices, mortgage statement or deed. Naples residents can establish ownership of a mobile home by providing Medicaid with a current title or registration documents.

Other assets exempted by Medicaid include;

  • Homes in which disabled children receiving SSI reside permanently
  • Business or trade properties
  • Certain IRAs and annuities
  • One wedding ring
  • Life estate interests in real properties

Home equity provisions may also be exempted if a Medicaid denial means denial of payment for long-term healthcare services causing “undue hardship” to the applicant. Under Medicaid rules, undue hardship would result if the individual health or life is endangered or the person would be unable to pay for shelter, food, clothing and other life necessities.

Naples Medicaid planning requires many hours of examining Florida’s Medicaid regulations to find as many exemptions as possible so approval is not delayed or denied. You can save time and optimize planning for Medicaid eligibility by scheduling an appointment with an estate planning attorney today. Call the Mattar Firm’s well-versed Medicaid planning lawyers to learn more about asset exemption and Medicaid approval.


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