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Bonita Springs Medicaid Planning Checklist

Medicaid Checklist

Medicaid planning is not something that starts the moment you decide that you or a loved one need to go into an assisted living facility. It is a process that should start years before that. It should include regular updates to reflect changes in your life. The residents of Bonita Springs have some very comfortable assisted living facilities to choose from. Every Bonita Springs resident needs to utilize a Medicaid planning checklist. This will make sure they get the assisted living facility of their choice.


Know the Rights of Marco Island Assisted Living Residents

Assisted Living 3

Making the transition to an assisted living facility is not always easy. People who were used to being able to live on their own and manage their own affairs have to get used to having everything taken care of for them. The state of Florida protects the rights of Marco Island residents. The state has laws in place that are designed to allow assisted living residents to live with dignity and respect. An elder law attorney can assist any family that is reaching the point of having to put a loved one into an assisted living facility.


Is my Handwritten Will Acceptable?

Handwritten Will

Every state has its own set of probate laws that govern how an estate is established, maintained, and administered. The probate court sets up the rules for estate planning. Then, all of the paperwork involving the estate of someone who has recently passed on has to be reviewed. It must be approved by the probate court before the estate can be closed.


How to Plan for Naples Nursing Home Care Expenses

Senior with piggy bank

In Naples, Florida, a semi-private room in an assisted living facility costs approximately $8,220.00 per month. When a family talks to an elder law professional about caring for an elderly family member, the costs of assisted living can become a focal part of the conversation. Considerations should be made for paying for assisted living. Whether someone in the family has been given guardianship of an elderly family member or not. (more…)

On What Grounds can I Contest a North Ft. Myers Will?


When a will is admitted to a probate court, it goes through a rigorous review process before being deemed legitimate. Any mention of elder law issues or guardianship arrangements are given strong scrutiny. During that process, family members or any one else who feels the will is not legal can challenge it. It takes time and resources to challenge a will. However, it can be worth it if you feel that the deceased’s estate is being threatened in some way. There are many reasons a probate court will accept for contesting a will. (more…)

14 Reasons you Need to Update your Naples Will

Last Will 2

A will is a dynamic legal document that needs to accurately reflect your life and your wishes. As life moves on, things change and that means that your will should change to. If you do not have a will, then you should get one immediately. If you do have a will, then there are many reasons why you should spend time with your estate planning professional updating your will and making necessary changes. (more…)

Cape Coral Elder Law Lawyer Explores Medicaid Penalties

Senior Couple

Medicaid has many rules when it comes to qualifying for nursing home coverage. An elder law professional can help to explain the different guidelines Medicaid has created that determine eligibility for nursing home care. If you have been named in a guardianship arrangement for an elderly loved one, then you need to become familiar with these rules and check to see if your loved one qualifies for coverage. But there is also a Medicaid penalty called the “look-back” penalty that can have a serious financial effect on your family. (more…)

How to find a Cape Coral Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate Planning

In Cape Coral, issues such as guardianship of dependents and elder law are important parts of the estate planning process. There is a wide range of income brackets and financial goals in Cape Coral, and it is important for the residents to work with an estate planning professional that they trust. The process to go about finding the perfect estate planning lawyer requires some homework and patience, but it is worth it to find a reliable professional to work with. (more…)

When to Start Taking Social Security Benefits

Social Security

Social Security benefits were set up to make sure that every American has some kind of retirement income to look forward to. While it is true that the amount Social Security pays is not enough to live off of as a sole source of income, it can be an income to hold you over until your investments mature or to supplement your other retirement accounts. (more…)


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