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Estate Planning and Asset Protection for Mineral Rights

Mineral Rights

For decades, the idea of owning mineral rights has been a popular investment for people from all walks of life. Mineral rights provide a steady income and they can even help you build wealth if you become a savvy investor. But mineral rights can also become a problem when you are applying for Medicaid or if you find yourself in a situation where you are being sued and your assets are exposed. It is important to make your mineral rights a part of your estate planning and make sure that you are properly protected at all times.


Protect Your Port Charlotte Estate and Pay for Your Long-Term Health Care

Long-Term Care

The average cost for standard assisted living care in the state of Florida is $37,800.00 per year. Younger people will read that statement and think nothing of it, but they fail to realize that the need for an assisted living facility is not based on age. If you become incapacitated or disabled for any reason at a young age, then you are suddenly looking at having to come up with $37,800.00 per year for your constant and necessary care.


What Happens to my Assets when my Spouse is put in a Nursing Home

Spouse in Nursing Home

Life is full of details. Those details often make a huge difference. When your spouse transitions into a nursing home, you might feel that your assets are in some kind of danger. What happens to your assets when your spouse is in a nursing home being paid for in some way by Medicaid? What happens when you stand to lose all your assets to the nursing home? (more…)

Preserve Your Assets with the Florida Medicaid Laws


When you or someone you love need to be transitioned to an assisted living facility, one of the first things that needs to be done is apply to Medicaid. Medicaid can provide financial assistance in paying the monthly fees. Medicaid looks back at the last five years of your financial transactions and your current financial situation. This is done to determine how much of your assets can be liquidated and used to pay for your long-term care needs. Before you apply for Medicaid, there are ways to protect those assets under the laws of the state of Florida.


Is my Handwritten Will Acceptable?

Handwritten Will

Every state has its own set of probate laws that govern how an estate is established, maintained, and administered. The probate court sets up the rules for estate planning. Then, all of the paperwork involving the estate of someone who has recently passed on has to be reviewed. It must be approved by the probate court before the estate can be closed.


On What Grounds can I Contest a North Ft. Myers Will?


When a will is admitted to a probate court, it goes through a rigorous review process before being deemed legitimate. Any mention of elder law issues or guardianship arrangements are given strong scrutiny. During that process, family members or any one else who feels the will is not legal can challenge it. It takes time and resources to challenge a will. However, it can be worth it if you feel that the deceased’s estate is being threatened in some way. There are many reasons a probate court will accept for contesting a will. (more…)

I Think my Port Charlotte Will was Forged. Is there Anything I can do?

Last Will 2

You went into your lawyer’s office to review the portion of your will that speaks about the guardianship of your special needs child and something did not seem right. While you are not a lawyer, you can recognize conditions in your own will that look out of place. As you review past changes, you notice elder law provisions that you do not remember and you even question the authenticity of the initials that claim to be yours. (more…)

Protect Your Stuff | What Does The Mattar Firm Focus On?

At The Mattar Firm, we focus on asset protection and estate planning. Most people like to know how they can protect their assets from the government, long term care costs, maybe you have family you want to protect or protect yourself from. People like to know what is a trust, what is the difference between a revocable and irrevocable trust, do I need to avoid probate, should I give my stuff away and if so, do I have to wait those 5 years. Also, people like to know what is a power of attorney, a living will, a healthcare proxy, what do we need. Are my IRAs safe, how do I  plan for disabled beneficiaries . These are all topics that we cover in the show. So, anything else that anyone would like to know, we always welcome you to call our asset protection attorneys at 239-222-2222. Very easy phone number. Or, you can submit your questions online at

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