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Protect Your Port Charlotte Estate and Pay for Your Long-Term Health Care

Long-Term Care

The average cost for standard assisted living care in the state of Florida is $37,800.00 per year. Younger people will read that statement and think nothing of it, but they fail to realize that the need for an assisted living facility is not based on age. If you become incapacitated or disabled for any reason at a young age, then you are suddenly looking at having to come up with $37,800.00 per year for your constant and necessary care.

For elderly Florida residents, planning for assisted living is something that gets put off year after year until suddenly it is time to start making arrangements. That is when most people find out that the way they handled their assets in the last five years is going to cost them a lot of money because they have incurred Medicaid penalties. It all sounds intimidating, but there is a solution for everyone who should be concerned about paying for long-term health care.

Protecting Your Port Charlotte Estate

The Mattar Firm is a legal team that has years of experience in protecting your hard-earned assets. We use vehicles such as trusts, LLCs, and wills to make sure that your assets are shielded from creditors and protected from any unexpected lawsuits. We can create a custom arrangement that addresses all of your concerns and makes sure that the mistakes that sometimes happen in life do not turn into financial disasters.

Long-Term Health Care

What long-term health care refers to is the need for a long-term assisted living arrangement that will need to be funded in some way. Most people hope to get the majority of their long-term health care paid for by Medicaid. But our clients spend time using our resources to put together plans that protect their assets and ensure that they can pay for long-term health care without endangering their wealth.

We use a variety of legal and financial processes to protect your assets from the needs of Medicaid. Instead of worrying about the possibility of losing their home when they submit their Medicaid application, our clients have peace of mind knowing that they have a plan in place that will allow them to pay for their care and still have control of their assets.

The residents of Port Charlotte do not have to be confused or even scared about their pending need to use Medicaid funding for their long-term care. The lawyers at the Mattar Firm understand the complicated processes of protecting assets and planning for Medicaid, and we bring our years of experience to the table with every client. Don’t wait and hope that everything works out when it comes to your long-term care. Instead, contact the asset protection lawyers at the Mattar Firm and let us put together a plan that will give you the control of your assets you need now, and after you have passed away.


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