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How to Protect Assets from Medicaid Recovery

Asset Protection Lawyer

It is an unfortunate fact of life. When you or a loved one reaches the stage of life, where you may need long-term care or a nursing home, Medicaid can help to cover the cost, as most of us will run out of the money needed to pay for these facilities. However, when the person dies, Medicaid will go after any assets they have in order to pay back what was paid out for the person, in a process called the Medicaid Estate Recovery plan.


How to Protect Assets if Spouse Goes into a Nursing Home

Elder Couple with Lawyer

As we grow older, the possibility that a spouse may need long-term care in a nursing home grows. While it’s a tough part of life to face, there are other questions that go along with it, as well. Among the main concerns is protecting your assets, should a spouse end up in a nursing home for long-term care. 


Protecting Elderly Parents’ Assets: A Comprehensive Guide

Estate Planning Lawyer

As we age, it only makes sense that our parents are aging, as well. And while watching our parents grow from the people who took care of us into elderly adults who, in turn, need care can be difficult, it’s important that we’re aware of what we can do to protect them mentally, physically, and financially. Concerning the latter, there are ways to protect elderly parents’ assets. And while it may seem complicated, there are ways to make sure it happens. 


How to Protect Assets from a Nursing Home

Senior with Piggy Bank

Protecting assets from a nursing home is the new challenge for many because they risk losing their assets if one of them becomes a resident to a nursing home.

You should plan ahead and protect your assets. As one grows older, the concern of losing all or some of their properties to nursing home grows, and they start to plan and consider options available to protect their assets.


New VA Pension Transfer Penalty

What is a Transfer or Gift?


A gift or a transfer is any activity that involves selling, gifting, and exchange of assets for a less amount than what is in the market. Also, a transfer could be a charitable asset transfer, such as a charity. However, this could be disputed if the total balance of the assets can be settled for the benefit of the claimant.

Initially, there are ways of protecting assets instead of giving money away. This is where an asset protection trust comes into play.


Asset Protection Trust: When is the Right Time?

Asset Protection Trust: When is the Right Time?

Asset Protection

Have you ever stopped to think of how your assets will be distributed after your demise or during your old age? Many people have rising concerns that their assets might be used to take care of their old age needs leaving their children with nothing to inherit.


Florida Transfer of Assets Rules

Transfer of Assets

Transfer of assets is the conveyance of anything valuable from one place, situation, or person to another. Persons are generally entitled to transferring assets to anyone they desire according to the laws, despite of the reasons. These may be wills, gifts, or trusts. The statistics shows that people who transfer properties and money to secure government funded nursing care keeps on increasing. Most of them also evade paying creditors or Internal Revenue Services. Nevertheless, the federal and state law forbids transfers defrauding creditors. Therefore, the change of ownership reduces or eliminates the person’s control of the assets immediately.


Look Out For These Tax Issues When Transferring Your Home To Your Children


For some people, the idea of signing over their home to their children later in life sounds appealing. They figure that the home would stay in the family, and the parents can reap some benefits such as a lower asset amount when applying for Medicaid. But the truth is that the act of transferring your home to your children is potentially one of the worst decisions you could ever make.


Protect Your Bonita Springs Estate and Pay for Your Long Term Health Care

Long-Term Care

When you are looking for ways to protect your Bonita Springs estate while paying for long-term health care, you are usually looking for ways to protect or utilize assets that would normally be taken by Medicaid when your spouse goes into assisted living. The best way to protect your estate is to understand the Medicaid application rules and be familiar with the term community spouse.


Exempt Assets in Fort Myers Medicaid Planning


When Fort Myers residents apply for Medicaid, there are a lot of rules they have to become familiar with. Many of these rules are critically important as they involve the protection or use of the applicant’s assets to pay for assisted living and long-term medical costs. While there is an imposing list of assets that are subject to Medicaid’s authority, there are also assets that remain exempt. It is important for Fort Myers residents to know which assets are exempt from Medicaid and any special rules attached to those assets.



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