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Protect Your Parent’s House from Being Sold to Pay Back Medicaid

Sold House in FL

When parents who were in an assisted living facility being paid for in part or in whole by Medicaid passes on, Medicaid may try to do what is called an estate recovery. Unless you and your parents take preventative measures before signing up for Medicaid, then you will find that Medicaid may have the right to seize all of your parent’s assets and liquidate them to pay for the costs of their care. Unless you do something to prevent it, this recovery of assets will include your parent’s house. But there is something you can do.


What Happens with Medicaid if Your Parents Move to a Different State?

Elderly Couple Moving

After living in an assisted living facility for several years, it has been determined that your parents need special medical attention that can only be found in a facility in a neighboring state. You have always heard that Medicaid is a federally funded program, so you figure that it would be no problem moving your parents to a different state. It is not until you actually start the process that you realize what you are up against.


Can I Transfer Life Insurance to Help Qualify for Medicaid?


The discussion about the affect of life insurance on a Medicaid application has a lot to do with money. It is true that most of the Medicaid application process has to do with money, but the rules regarding life insurance are a little more straightforward than other assets. There are a lot of questions people have about applying for Medicaid which makes hiring an elder law professional a necessity during the application process. With help on your side, you can be better prepared for some of the surprises the application process brings.


What Can Affect a Medicaid Application?


When the time comes for you to transition into an assisted living situation, you will want to put your Medicaid application in as soon as possible. It can take several months to complete a Medicaid application, and there are many different criteria Medicaid uses when judging your application. Before you start filling out your application, there are a few considerations you need to make when it comes to qualifying for coverage.


Does Medicaid Pay for Home Care?

Woman in Assisted Living

Most people know that Medicaid is the service that helps people to pay for part, or sometimes all, of the costs associated with assisted living. But will Medicaid also pay for in-home care services? Some people prefer to live at home as opposed to moving into a nursing home situation. Even though the person will be living at home, they still need some sort of financial assistance. Not everyone may be able to get assistance from family or friends.


Medicaid Planning Before and After a Loved One Enters a Nursing Home

Spouse in Nursing Home

In 2018, the average cost for a semi-private room in an American nursing home was $120,000.00 per year. With costs like that, it is easy to see why so many families have trouble getting their elderly loved ones into a decent facility. The federal insurance program called Medicaid can help with the expenses, but it takes time to get Medicaid in place before your loved one enters a nursing home, and it takes plenty of effort to keep Medicaid going after their stay has begun. (more…)


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