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How Early Should You Start Estate Planning?

You couple meeting with an attorney. Possibly to discuss an estate plan.

Estate planning ensures that you have a say where your assets go after you die. For a lot of people, it is not something they begin thinking about until they get older. Thinking about our own deaths is not the most pleasant thing to think about, and we hardly do, especially when we are young. However, having a plan in place, no matter your age, is a sound idea and can help ensure loved ones are cared for when the time comes. You can set up a plan at any time and adjust it as you age.


What is a Generation-Skipping Trust?

Mature couple talking to estate planning lawyer at home

If you have been planning for who you would like your assets to go to, you have probably run across trusts. There are several types of trusts and many reasons you would use one to protect your assets. Choosing the best type of trust is vital, as there are significant differences in how they operate.


What Happens to an Estate if There is no Will or Trust?

Close up of hand signing a Last Will and Testament document

When someone dies without having a will or trust in place, it can lead to confusion over what happens to the person’s estate. In Florida, situations where a will or trust have not been established, the estate is distributed by the terms set-forth in Florida’s law of intestate succession. Essentially, this means the law decides what is a fair distribution of the assets amongst heirs. As can sometimes be the case in these instances, not everyone will always agree to the fairness of the decisions made regarding an estate. 


What is a Revocable Living Trust?

Revocable trust on a wooden desk

If you have been planning for your assets, and who you’d like them to go to, you’ve probably run across trusts. There are several types of trusts, as well as several reasons why you’d use one to protect your assets, and ensure they go to the right entity. Choosing the right type of trust is vital, as there are significant differences in how they operate. One of the most common versions of a trust is a revocable living trust. 


What Happens to Unpaid Bills in a Probate Matter?

When someone dies, and they do not have a trust set up, their estate goes into the probate. This is a process where the court decides how the estate is divided among heirs and creditors. Many people owe bills to credit card companies, medical facilities, and others when they die. A question many people wonder about is: What happens to unpaid bills in a probate matter?


What Are the Duties of Being a Trustee?

Hands working with documents at desk and signing a document, possibly a Trust.

For some people, estate planning means instituting a trust. While there are several types of trusts that can be funded and put into place, choosing the correct trust is essential to reach your goal. Every trust must designate a trustee. If the Trustee happens to be you, you will have certain duties that need to be carried out. Read on, as we will explain what those duties entail. 


Why Your Adult Children Should Give You Power of Attorney

Time flies, or so they say. One minute, you are raising a baby, and the next, that baby is a full-grown adult. There are a lot of things that go along with becoming an adult. Going away to college, living independently, and traveling all come along with adulthood. Despite your adult child’s newfound independence, they still may rely on you as their fall-back protection, should things go wrong. If you find yourself in this position, you may want to consider having your adult children give you power of attorney, both financially and medically. And here is why:


Estate Planning for Your Pets

elderly couple with their pet

Many people who own pets consider them part of the family. While they may not factor into your estate planning, they should, in order to ensure they are being taken care of properly. Of course, you can’t leave property to your pets, as they’re not capable of owning it. However, there are other things you can do to make sure they are happy and living the good life after you are gone. Your estate plan can ensure that your pets go to a caring person, and that the person has the resources to take care of them.



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