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How to Plan for Sanibel Nursing Home Care Expenses

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Many people assume the fact that one day they are going to be old and require nursing and home care services. As a result, they fail to plan, for these services and the expenses that come along with them.

Planning for Sanibel nursing home care expenses may prove a challenge; some people procrastinate because they prefer enjoying the comfort of their own homes. However, if you are one and do not have a written plan and finances to put the idea to action, you may end up unable to afford to stay in your own house when you can no longer take care of yourself or need daily assistance. It is important to plan as early as now for when you or your loved ones will reach the golden age and require nursing home care services, to help you avoid challenges that accrue along the way.

Financing Options for Sanibel Nursing Home Care Expenses


Medicare is a federal health care insurance program providing coverage for long-term health care. This insurance cover caters for all major hospital/nursing care regardless of an individual’s income. It covers Americans 65 years of age and above and pays for 100 days of nursing care and hospitalization.


Medicaid is a healthcare insurance program run jointly by the federal and state government. This program is meant to benefit Americans who are financially disadvantaged but meet some specified requirements. Medicaid also covers nursing home care, although the requirements needed to qualify for these services vary for each state. Due to this fact, it is advisable to hire the services of a lawyer who specializes in elder law when making decisions or preparations concerning Medicaid eligibility. The use of nursing home care and health care is only limited to hospitals and homes that accept Medicaid

Private Long-term Care Insurance

Private long-term care insurance option when considered can supplement Medicare health care coverage. These insurance policies differ significantly as every policy has its eligibility conditions, costs, restrictions, and benefits.

Steps to Consider when Planning for Sanibel Nursing Home Care Expenses

Research on Different Home Care Choices

Nursing homes have evolved over the years; they exist in different categories ranging from skilled nursing to rehab centers. This means you need to plan keenly for the type of home you want for your loved one or yourself when you finally get older and unable to take care of your personal daily needs. The nursing homes come with several long-term home care choices dependent on the kind of aid required. Study and understand the various options provided and decide on the one you would wish to have in the future. Some of these options include: home health services, adult day/foster care, and assisted living. Apart from just learning what these options are, it is essential to weigh what each option cost so a to plan financially prior on how you will sort the nursing home care expenditure for the service provider you prefer.

Inquire about the Costs

During your time looking for a caregiver, ensure to make inquiries on costs, billing practices and whether they accept assistance programs for their services. Every nursing home care provider has their unique financial requirements hence comparing between several may help plan appropriately under a budget that you can work with or can afford. It is important to note that, the costs of care are highly dependent on the type of services you require. Having a rough estimate of the price you will need to pay for nursing home care services may assist you in determining whether you may need to find private pay options like long-term care insurance or not.

Discuss your Medical Wishes with your Loved Ones

Having your healthcare wishes in a legal document is not enough; informing and sharing this plan with your family is necessary. They will have an easy time understanding the nursing services you receive when you can no longer make medical decisions. Talking about your home care wishes with family and loved ones will help them also make early plans to finance your nursing home care expenses in the occasion that your savings cannot cover them anymore. They will also be able to ensure you end up in a nursing home marching your wishes.

Get Started

You may require long-term healthcare services when you can no longer perform basic tasks necessary for your well-being for either a short while or a more extended period. Therefore, it is essential to ensure Sanibel estate offers enough reserve finances to cover your long-term nursing home care need. You may see the need to hire a professional estate plan attorney to help you through the process. Call The Mattar Firm for inquiries.

Statistics show that many adults under the age of 60 rely on their estates to cater to their Sanibel Nursing Home Expenses. The Department of Health and Human Services in the U.S recorded $20 per hour as the average cost for hiring nursing home care services, which is quite expensive. If you are interested in acquiring guardianship in Sanibel or plan to enroll your loved one, feel free to contact our elder law attorneys at The Mattar Firm to make inquiries, and learn more.


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