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How to find a Cape Coral Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate Planning

In Cape Coral, issues such as guardianship of dependents and elder law are important parts of the estate planning process. There is a wide range of income brackets and financial goals in Cape Coral, and it is important for the residents to work with an estate planning professional that they trust. The process to go about finding the perfect estate planning lawyer requires some homework and patience, but it is worth it to find a reliable professional to work with. (more…)

When to Start Taking Social Security Benefits

Social Security

Social Security benefits were set up to make sure that every American has some kind of retirement income to look forward to. While it is true that the amount Social Security pays is not enough to live off of as a sole source of income, it can be an income to hold you over until your investments mature or to supplement your other retirement accounts. (more…)

Qualities to Look for in Your Bonita Springs Estate Planning Lawyer


Estate planning covers a wide range of legal subjects including elder law and guardianship. Planning your estate and making all of the necessary arrangements for your loved one is not something you should take lightly. Estate planning is something that should only be done by a lawyer, and there are several qualities you need to look for in the Bonita Springs estate planning lawyer you choose. (more…)

The Basics of Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a process by which you protect your right to determine how your net assets are distributed after you pass away, and you take care of other aspects of your estate. It can be a long process, but it is worth it when you get the peace of mind that estate planning offers. (more…)

Digital and Other Unusual Assets to Keep in Mind When Planning Your Estate

estate planning 2

When you talk to an estate planner about your needs, you will often discuss elder law issues to care for your aging relatives and guardianship issues to care for your dependent children. But when you really start thinking about your estate, you begin to realize that you have some uncommon assets that you want addressed in your final wishes. As you make up your list of assets to discuss with your estate planner, you should also think outside the box and remember your unusual assets as well. (more…)

How to Plan for North Ft Myers Nursing Home Care Expenses

Senior with Piggy Bank

According to the Florida Health Care Association, the average yearly cost for a private room in Florida nursing homes is $94,000 while the average yearly cost for private rooms in Florida assisted living facilities is $37,000. How do Fort Myers residents pay for nursing home care expenses? The FHCA says that 40 percent pay using private funds and Medicaid, if they qualify for Medicaid. Medicare only covers rehab services after a person is discharged from the hospital and a small portion of long-term care health services. (more…)

Medicaid Planning Before and After a Loved One Enters a Nursing Home

Spouse in Nursing Home

In 2018, the average cost for a semi-private room in an American nursing home was $120,000.00 per year. With costs like that, it is easy to see why so many families have trouble getting their elderly loved ones into a decent facility. The federal insurance program called Medicaid can help with the expenses, but it takes time to get Medicaid in place before your loved one enters a nursing home, and it takes plenty of effort to keep Medicaid going after their stay has begun. (more…)

Probate Explained

Last Will

Probate is a process that goes into effect when someone passes away to administer their estate. The laws of probate vary from state to state, but there are some common practices that link all of the states together. If a loved one passes away, then you will probably be involved in the probate process in some way. (more…)

Common Estate Planning Misconceptions

Estate Planning

When you mention estate planning to people, there are all kinds of misconceptions that immediately pop up. Estate planning is an important process to anyone who has assets they would like to see distributed in a particular way after they have passed on. Before you can truly appreciate estate planning, you first have to get past all of those very common misconceptions. (more…)


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