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Port Charlotte Estate Planning Lawyer Explore Healthcare Proxies

Estate Planning & Will

There can come a time in your life when you need to speak for yourself but you cannot. Whether you have just been involved in an serious accident or a disease has suddenly struck, medical personnel are going to need you to make decisions regarding your treatment. It is at times like this where you really need to have a healthcare proxy on file with your estate planning lawyer. With this document in place, you will have someone speak for you and make the decisions that could save your life. (more…)

How to make sure your North Fort Myers Estate Planning is Individualized

estate planning 2

In North Fort Myers, passing away without an estate in place leaves your family at the mercy of the Florida probate courts. Any instances where elder law statutes would apply would follow the letter of the law and not your personal wishes. If you have guardianship issues you did not take care of with an estate, then the probate court will use state laws to make those decisions for you. Instead of leaving your family’s future up to the state, you should take matters into your own hands and make sure your estate planning is individualized. (more…)

When to Update your Marco Island Will

Last Will

One of the most important tools of elder law and estate planning is the will. A will is a document prepared by a legal professional that outlines, in detail, how you would like your assets and property to be distributed when you pass away. Each state has its own laws as to what is considered an acceptable will, which is why you should have your will done by a professional. (more…)

Do I Really Need a North Fort Myers Estate Planning Lawyer?

Estate Planning Lawyer

If you were to take an informal poll of the people of Fort Myers, you will find that the majority of people believe that only those with significant financial resources need estate planning services. An estate planning lawyer offers a variety of useful services to a broad range of people from all walks of life. Along with elder law issues that are important as a person ages, an estate planning lawyer can help make arrangements that would benefit almost any member of the Fort Myers community. (more…)

These Mistakes Can Damage Your Marco Island Estate

Estate Planning

Estate planning is much more complicated than just making a will. Misconceptions about implementing estate planning often leads to mistakes that could damage your Marco Island estate. In some cases, these mistakes may not only damage your financial stability but also wreck family relationships. Here are the top four mistakes our estate planning attorneys often find when restructuring estate plans: (more…)

Protect your Sanibel Estate and Pay for your Long-Term Health Care

Long-Term Care

Long-term health care may be required if you are unable to perform daily tasks necessary to maintain your general well-being for an extended, if not permanent, period of time. Ensuring your Sanibel estate provides enough reserve finances to cover long-term health needs may require an estate plan developed by a knowledgeable estate planning attorney. (more…)

How to Find a Bonita Springs Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate Planning Lawyer

Finding a dependable, supportive estate planning lawyer in Bonita Springs begins with knowing exactly what to look for when hiring one of these lawyers. Estate planning attorneys manage a wide variety of issues arising from the financial aspects of retiring. Ensuring you have enough money to live comfortably following retirement, dealing with medical insurance complications and designating who you want to control your assets if you become incapacitated are a few matters handled by estate planning lawyers. (more…)


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